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Connect with practitioners engaged in using ICTs to improve the quality of student engagements and learning throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.


Collaborate and innovate new ideas and applications of ICTs in teaching and learning. Collaborate within your institution or outside. Discuss, debate and develop a learning network.


Create and curate knowledge resources to be used by all. Share your creative ideas and artefacts that has positive impact on the lives of our students.


Celebrate the joy of learning together. Share our successes and achievements—small or big—in the community, inspire each other and learn from best practices in the TEL implementing institutions.

Profile of the Month

Mrs. Jacqueline Peters-Richardson

Jacqueline Y. Peters-Richardson is currently the Principal (Ag) at the Antigua State College. Mrs. Peters-Richardson began working with Open Educational Resources (OER) in 2011 at the Virtual University for the Small States of the Commonwealth Ninth International Training and Materials Development Workshop in Lesotho, Africa. Over the past eleven years, Jacqueline has created several Open Educational Resources and trained educators to use them….. read more

Jacqueline Richardson Photo

Latest News

Upcoming Events

Teaching Chemistry with Technology (TCT)

In this course, Teaching Chemistry with Technology (TCT), participants will explore the use of the Open Access PhET Interactive Simulation software in chemistry teaching. Utilised by educators around the world, PhET simulations bring worthwhile technology-enabled teaching tools to the classroom. The PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations…

PSS-SEL Toolbox Launch!

The Psychosocial Support (PSS) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Toolbox has a variety of tools to meet the interests and needs of many different stakeholders working on PSS and SEL in Education in Emergencies (EiE). Whether you are looking to: Familiarize yourself with the field of PSS-SEL Build consensus on PSS-SEL between stakeholders Create,…

Launch of JEiE Special Issue on Gender in Education in Emergencies

This event marks the launch of Journal on Education in Emergencies Special Issue on Gender in Education in Emergencies which provides a snapshot of the new evidence on gender-based violence as experienced by students in high-, middle-, and low-income countries; explores the intersection of race, gender, and displacement as refugee students encounter new learning environments;…

Lastest Blog Posts

Online Workshops 2023

You can watch the recordings of the three online workshops conducted in January, February and March. Digital Accessibility Tools for Learning Technology implementation case studies (Antigua & Barbuda and India)

Leaders & Legends of Online Learning

“Leaders & Legends of Online Learning” was created by Mark Nichols and Nev Ellington. All podcasts featured on this page were sourced from: Click here to listen to older podcasts up to episode 001.

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